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Albertson College President’s Message

Bob Hoover

It is an exciting time to be involved with Albertson College of Idaho. For more than 115 years, the college has been providing students with an educational experience of the highest caliber with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. At no time in history has a liberal arts education been more relevant and perhaps especially when combined with the close student faculty interaction that Albertson College of Idaho students enjoy.

Today’s graduates are not preparing for a single career. It is likely that each one of them will have several careers over their lifetime and within each of those careers, they will be challenged to learn new skills and adapt to a changing world. A liberal arts education provides the skills they will need to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Today’s employers are looking for graduates who have a broad-based education and have demonstrated the ability to master complex ideas. They are recruiting graduates of the nation’s liberal arts colleges.

Albertson College of Idaho

I invite you to explore Albertson College of Idaho’s unique brand of liberal arts. We pride ourselves on challenging students to rise to exceed their potential by exploring disciplines ranging from physics to philosophy and English to ecology. A rigorous academic program coupled with a residential experience provides graduates with the full of range of skills, from social to technical, to prepare them for their futures.

While the academic program is rigorous you will hear students speak of the tremendous support provided by professors. With an average class size of 10, students are not anonymous and have many opportunities to ask questions. Here, professors are focused on teaching, using research as a tool to show concepts in action. Undergraduates in all fields have the unique opportunity to participate in research projects in partnership with their professors, as well as presenting that research at professional conferences long before their peers.

I welcome you to Albertson College of Idaho and invite you to explore all we have to offer.

Bob Hoover

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